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Afghanistan Pine Fast growing pine best adapted to arid zones and alkali soils. It is not cold hardy. Often retains branches to ground with needles 4-6 inches long.$60.00
American Plum American plum is a shrub to small tree that is adapted to a variety of soil types and is a valued cover and food source for wildlife.$45.00
Austrian Pine Retains branches down to ground developing a compact crown with dark green needles. Resistant to pine tip moth. Moderate tolerance to alkaline soils.$60.00
Black Cherry Fruit of this tree is an attractive food source for many species of birds and wildlife.$45.00
Blue Spruce Slow growing tree with compact crown and bluish needles. Should not be used as a single row windbreak because of slow growth. $60.00
Bur Oak Excellent windbreak tree considered to be moderately fast growing. Produces strong tap root and heavy strong branches. Large acorn is favorite food of squirrel and deer.$45.00
Hackberry This fast-growing Texas native produces abundant fruit eaten by birds and leaves valued as browse by deer and other wildlife.$45.00
Pinyon Pine Moderate to high tolerance to alkali soils. Relatively slow growing. Develops a compact crown with short, light green needles. Resistant to pine tip moth.$60.00
Shumard Oak A red oak considered to be relatively fast growing, this tree provides brilliant autumn color with leaves that turn scarlet-red in the fall. Shumard oak is adapted to a variety of sites but prefers deep soils.$45.00
Sumac, Aromatic Native shrub that provides excellent food and cover for wildlife. Good low growing species for the outside row of a windbreak. Adapted to a variety of site conditions.$45.00
Sumac, Smooth Smooth sumac is a tall shrub or small tree that grows on a variety of sites, the leaves of which turn reddish orange in the fall.$45.00

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