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Afghanistan Pine Fast growing pine best adapted to arid zones and alkali soils. It is not cold hardy. Often retains branches to ground with needles 4-6 inches long.
American Plum American plum is a shrub to small tree that is adapted to a variety of soil types and is a valued cover and food source for wildlife.
Aromatic Sumac Native shrub that provides excellent food and cover for wildlife. Good low growing species for the outside row of a windbreak. Adapted to a variety of site conditions.
Austrian Pine Retains branches down to ground developing a compact crown with dark green needles. Resistant to pine tip moth. Moderate tolerance to alkaline soils.
Bur Oak Excellent windbreak tree considered to be moderately fast growing. Produces strong tap root and heavy strong branches. Large acorn is favorite food of squirrel and deer.
Eastern Redcedar Most desirable tree for a single row windbreak. Grows well on a variety of sites. Has few insects and disease problems.
Italian Stone Pine Moderately fast growing pine adapted to arid and semi-arid zones. It is not cold hardy. Self prunes lower branches as it reaches maturity.
Lacebark Elm This medium-sized tree features a vase-shaped crown and graceful, drooping branches. It is attractive, grows well, and tolerates a wide range of site conditions.
Oriental Arborvitae Grows well on a variety of sites. This tree is very drought hardy and will grow on sites where many other evergreens are not recommended.
Pecan State tree of Texas and a favorite tree of many landowners. This tree is moderately drought hardy, but thrives in soil that is moist and deep.
Sawtooth Oak An introduced species that has been planted primarily for wildlife, sawtooth oak produces abundant acorns at a relatively early age. Sawtooth oak is not well suited to shallow, caliche soils.
Shumard Oak A red oak considered to be relatively fast growing, this tree provides brilliant autumn color with leaves that turn scarlet-red in the fall. Shumard oak is adapted to a variety of sites but prefers deep soils.
Smooth Sumac Smooth sumac is a tall shrub or small tree that grows on a variety of sites, the leaves of which turn reddish orange in the fall.